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"Money and Taxes" Columns

Since 1991, Greg has also written a “Money and Taxes” column for PerformInk, Chicago’s entertainment trade paper.

Below are some recent columns and columns on issues clients regularly ask about.

"Stuff That Comes in the Mail" - 1099s, w2s and filing your taxes

"Getting Help" - How to find a good accountant

"Surprises Nobody Likes" - The cancellation of debt and what to do with the "Important Tax Document"

"Raiding the Retirement" - The penalties for withdrawing money from your retirement account

"It's the Economy, Stupid" - A look at the tax proposals offered during the recent elections

"Bottoming Out" - Recessions and back taxes

"Losing the Leasing Option" - Why automakers won't lease

"Banks in Troubled Times" - How does one choose a bank when some are failing?

"Look, I Can Play With the Big Kids" - The benefits and drawbacks of incorporating

"Feeling Stimulated Yet?" - The Economic Stimulus Plan

"The Sky is Not Falling" - The current mortgage crisis

"One Foot Out the Door" - What to do with your 401k when you leave a job

"Do It Right, Not Fast" - You have more time to pay your taxes if you need it

"Don't Shoot the Messenger" - The details on your tax rebate, or lack thereof

"Actor/Waiter/Fund-Raiser/Office Temp" - What do I do when I have multiple occupations?

"Going Somewhere?" - When does mileage count as a deduction?

"A Few Questions You Should Ask" - What you need to know about W2s

"An Alternate Plan" - 401ks and IRAs aren't your only options

"You're Investing in What? Where?" - Choosing between traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401k plans

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